Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We're Baaack

We got home yesterday afternoon and it is very miserable here. It is raining like mad, cold and dreary. I think I want to be back on vacation. I am feeling a little disoriented. I spent a week trying to figure out where things were, and now I'm back home trying to figure out where things are. Go figure.
One bright note was our "stray cat" sitter, Betsy. She left me the nicest letter and said she found Junior to be "very pleasant" and would be happy to take care of him any time we want to go away. Mind you now, I'm not sure what cat she was referring to but our Junior is anything but pleasant. He'd just as soon hiss you as look at you. He did arrive after a few minutes of our getting home and submitted to some petting, so I guess he missed me.
So, the rain is pouring down, the garden is overgrown, the wash needs to be done, and I am going to miss writing my blog. I guess I'm home.


Amy said...

Hi Mom! Welcome back!! I am glad you guys made it home safe and sound. You don't have to quit writing your blog just because you are home. You just have to write about other things. Keep doing it. Love, Amy

Brother Chris said...

Good to have you two back at the homestead. 9 days seems a good amount of time. Don't let a little rain spoil it. It's just the world telling you to stay inside and relax for a few days.

Now, if we can ever get the rest of the clan back to the east coast then all will be as it should.

Miss you guys, one and all.