Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sometimes It Seems Like It's All Just Too Much

I feel like I'm on sensory overload right now. Everywhere I look is such stunning natural beauty that I almost can't believe it's real. Even the man-made things look beautiful to me.

Here's a picture from our route this morning up to Bar Harbor. This is Camden, Maine. Bill said "Isn't it strange to use the words 'Camden' and 'beautiful' in the same sentence?"

Here's one I took in another little town we stopped in briefly on the way up.

Ok, just two more. This is the view from our room.

That's enough for tonight; I have to rest my senses. Tomorrow we go to Acadia.


sharon said...

When I was seventeen I stayed in Kennebunkport Maine for a whole summer. I went with a family I babysat for who's family had a summer home there. Once there they called me an Au Pair! I knew I wasn't in New York anymore. When they took the boats out the dolfins/porpoise would swin along side the boats. Heaven!

Amy said...

Those are beautiful pictures. I love Dad's comment about Camden. It looks like you guys are having a great time. How are you getting those pix in the middle of your post. I can't get that to work. I love the pic of the boats too. Are you posting any of these on flickr?

Brother Chris said...

This almost looks like it could be from one of those Italian hillside towns overlooking the Mediterrenean. Same with your picture of the boats - could be Venice. Are you sure you're in New England and didn't take a wrong turn somewhere? Great Stuff!