Sunday, August 19, 2007

Horsing Around In Rhinebeck

Here I am sitting on the porch of our horse farm b&b in Rhinebeck, NY. That's our cottage you see and the horses are right outside our door. There are 2 mamas with foals on the other side which I am trying to get a good picture of for you.

Before we checked in yesterday, we drove down to Hyde Park (a few miles away) and took a tour of the Vanderbilt Mansion. I can't decide if the lifestyle of these super rich people is interesting or a little silly. They lived like royalty and thought of themselves as kings and queens yet they were as ordinary as chicken soup. Rose from being penniless to wealth beyond imagination. Their fortunes, made as they were, before income tax and inheritance tax, were so vast that the Gates's wouldn't be able to live the way they did. Here is their little summer cottage along the Hudson.

And here's the view from their porch

We had a nice dinner in Rhinebeck at a place called Calico and then fell into bed. Today we are going to drive around the area and probably go to Hyde Park again to see the Roosevelt homes that are there and maybe visit a couple of wineries. It is a very beautiful area, but it reminds me of home and I am feeling a little homesick too.

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