Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Linda and Rob in 1977

Here's Linda being surprised.

After the surprise wore off a little bit

Saturday was the surprise party for Rob and Linda's 25th anniversary. Their daughters engineered the whole thing and it was held at Linda's mother's home. There was copious food, drink, games, music, laughs, and mosquitoes. Many friends and family came - Linda's family alone constitutes quite a crowd. We were there along with Bob's sister and her husband, and, of course, Shirl and Bob. Scott, Beth and the children made the long drive up, too.

Here are the girls. I know you all want to see them. In order, Lindsay, Jenna (and Rob), Kim.

Here is Alaina mugging for the camera. That little girl can really dance!


Amy said...

It looks like you guys had fun. The girls are so gorgeous. Rob looks like Uncle Bob.

Brother Chris said...

Don't these people ever get any older? They all look great, I hope you sent our love and congratulations to R&L and the rest of the Germaine crew. Sounds like everyone had a blast, wish we'd been with you.