Saturday, October 18, 2008

Get Thee To A Garden

It's getting late, you know. The days are getting shorter and the air is cooling down. You need to restore your soul to make the long trip through winter, so get out now--before it's too late--and stroll around a garden. We are lucky here in Southeastern Pennsylvania to have a lot of amazing gardens to enchant us. One of the loveliest is Chanticleer in Wayne. Billed as a "Pleasure Garden," it's also a "treasure garden," and it only takes about an hour to walk around--although it could take much longer if you stop often and just take in its beauty.

You can start or end at the Teacup Garden, a walled garden next to the entry. Lots of exotic treats here, from the bromiliad hanging baskets to the incredible elephant ears.

You wind your way around this place. Plenty of seats scattered about where you can stop and rest and take in the views. In fact, the seats themselves are works of art, as are the water fountains, foot paths, sculptures, and even the tools.

It is an intimate garden with big and little sweet suprises around every corner. It has small secret spots as well as grand vistas.

There are ponds and streams and even a ruin garden.

There are flowers and trees and vegetables to admire.

So even if you don't have a Chanticleer, maybe you can find a peaceful garden near you to tide you through 'til Spring.

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