Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Eyes Are Watching

Isn't this great? They have lots of cute halloween decorations inside and out. Love it.

This post should really be called "Work in Progress" because it's mainly about Chris and
Shannon's pool project. They are in the middle of renovating their pool and yard, and it truly going to be gorgeous. Truly. It is.

Here's where they are so far. This is the existing pool which will eventually be totally redone in its current shape and location.

The coping around the top is new and the electrical and filtration systems are in, but the pool still is awaiting its resurfacing which is going to be in a special finish called "Diamond Brite" in the color Onyx. The brochure they have shows the water to be very dark, almost like a pond or a lake. I wasn't quite sure about it, but they say you can see all the way to the bottom. That's good because murky water that you can't see through kinda gives me the creeps. I wish they would see it in real life though before they do it.

They aren't putting in a spa because they don't think they'd use it. Instead they are installing numerous water features, fountains, spouts, ledges, lighting, plantings. . .too much for me to take in.

This is a fire pit for marshmallow roasting and campfire songs, and whatever else you do around a campfire. Maybe Chris will take up the guitar.

This area is going to be the picnic/barbeque spot. There will be a paver patio and new landscaping.
There's a lot of new stonework in fancy walls and ledges. The one below will be a sitting wall.
It's a big project, and I asked if they had an estimate for completion. They said "two weeks." Two weeks!! Oh, my poor innocent children. Then we heard about all the other ideas they have for more stuff to do. Oh, to be young again.
One other thing. See this cute shed? Chris says he wants to get rid of it eventually. Bill and I tried to talk him out of it. I think he could do so much with it. We go to all these house tours and the unique little outbuildings really add to the overall picture. Wouldn't it be adorable with flower boxes and maybe a trellis and a little flower bed around it? Oh, I just love it so much, I hope he doesn't take it down.

Like these, for instance.

Look, Chris! Plants on the roof! Oh wait. I think that's moss.
Or this one, hand painted mural on the inside. I'll try to get a better picture of this.
Good luck, kids. It's going to be wonderful.

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