Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wipe That Smile Off Your Face

Please email this man and express your disapproval at his "no" vote for the measure aimed at stemming the tide of illegal handguns in Pennsylvania. He and a number of his esteemed colleagues in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives shot down (pun intended) this important bill which would have helped control the illegal flow of handguns in our state. That these people have the NRA contributing to their campaigns is a given. That they can sell out the people they're supposed to be representing is not. They need to hear from us, and they need to feel us in November when they run for office. Here's what I told him:

"I am very disappointed in your "no" vote for the bill to stem the illegal transfer of handguns. It is difficult to understand what you might have been thinking (or not thinking) when you voted against this bill. As a registered Republican in Chester County, you can be sure that I will discuss your vote with any and all acquaintances, neighbors, friends, relatives, and anyone else I can corner to listen. And at the next election for your office, I will be voting for anyone but you. Sorry you made such a bad decision for the people of Pennsylvania."

Here are all the "no" voters (as reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer.)

House Speaker Dennis O'Brien (R., Phila.), Stephen Barrar (R., Delaware), Paul Clymer (R., Bucks), Gene DiGirolamo (R., Bucks), Robert Godshall (R., Montgomery), Art Hershey (R., Chester), Bob Mensch (R., Montgomery), Scott Petri (R., Bucks), and Thomas J. Quigley (R., Montgomery).

Let them know what losers they are. And don't forget them at election time. Time for them to go.


Steven Rovner said...

I was alerted to your blog by someone who tracks Rep. Petri of Bucks County (178th). He voted against the recent gun reporting legislation I am running against Rep. Petri and submitted the following letter to the editor yesterday, in line with general views on the vote and yours:

Representative Scott Petri yesterday voted in line with the special interest gun lobbyists and against a common-sense crime control law designed to close loopholes in existing laws that allow straw purchases of handguns where people without criminal records buy guns for felons. On April 1, 2008, the House was unable to pass the measure which would have legally required people to report their missing handguns within three days of discovering they were gone. It was brought to a vote with the support of Governor Rendell, mayors from across the state, law enforcement officials, and district attorneys. The vote was not partisan, but was regional. In this part of the state where gun related crimes far exceed other parts of the state, legislators of both parties, in a bi-partisan effort against the special interests of the gun lobbyists, united to try to pass this legislation. The legislators in Philadelphia, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, and Delaware counties voted 54-10 in favor of this legislation.
Representative Scott Petri was one of the local few to reject it. I would have voted in line with my conscience and the people of Bucks County, in supporting this type of crime control legislation. Remember this when voting in November.
Steven Rovner, Candidate for State Representative, 178th District

Meredith said...

Thanks for writing, Steve. The whole thing is just a disgrace and a shame for Pennsylvanians. I'm glad you seem to have your priorities straight on this issue. Sorry I can't vote for you, but I'll tell my friends in Bucks Co. to look out for you.

Hooked on Houses said...

Wow, Meredith, you're really making things happen here. I'm so impressed. Good for you! I see Daniel McGinn dropped by, too. He's such a nice guy.

Just wanted to let you know that I mentioned you and your blog on my site yesterday. It's in the post called "Julia Has a Few Things to Say."

Have a great weekend!
-Julia :-)