Sunday, April 20, 2008

If I Had A Million Dollars

Hah! A million wouldn't even buy the land. This house sits directly across from the beach and is just strikingly beautiful. The whole beach block in what they call the North End is amazing. There are no houses on the ocean side of the block which is lovely and unique. This is the only shore town I can think of that is like this. You drive along Beach Avenue and all there is is beach! Right there for everyone to see. On the land side of the street is one huge gorgeous home after another . I honestly can't even imagine what they would cost. I looked at a few real estate brochures for much smaller homes a street or two back and they wanted millions for them. These just defy my estimates. None of them appeared to be for sale either. And they all look like single family homes, unless they are cleverly concealing the fact that they are not.

This is a little outbuilding on one of them; I'd take that if I could.

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