Sunday, April 13, 2008

On The Way To Cape May

We're heading down to Cape May for a few days tomorrow morning for a little spring getaway. I am hoping for some good photo ops; the Inquirer had an article about the migrating birds and I thought it might be an interesting place to visit. Besides, last summer we went to a designer house with Chris and Shannon and I was really intrigued by the architecture and just general cuteness of the whole town. I have been there a few times -- just day trips -- and mostly just walking around the dreadful Washington St. Mall. In fact, the last time we did that I vowed never to go back. But now I think there is more to see. I hope, at least. Chase lent me his laptop so maybe I can post a few pictures during the week. And there's always The Lobster House.

Here are a couple of photos I took last September.

This is the designer house we went to. A very old house, beautifully redone.

I love the shell back on this bench.

This was somebody's porch steps along the street.

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Amy said...

Have a fun trip. Love you, Amy