Sunday, April 20, 2008

Where Have All The Birdies Gone?

One of the reasons we thought it might be interesting to spend a few days in Cape May at this time of year was because of the Inquirer article about it being such a fabulous place to see migrating birds. All the way down we were joking and teasing each other, "see any birds yet?" Three crows flew by and we decided they must be migrating. So the first thing we did when we arrived (too early to check in) was ride out to the Bird Observatory where we got out our Sibley's bird book, binoculars, and camera. There we were, poised for some serious bird action. There were a couple of Canadian Geese swimming around in the large freshwater pool right off the beach. Oh, there were these guys, too.

And, finally, a rare find at the shore.

But I see more birds at the feeders in my yard every day than I did in Cape May. Fortunately, there were other things to do and the weather was beautiful. The big bonus was that we had the town to ourselves and enough things were open to make it a real pleasure.

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