Friday, March 28, 2008

Gone But Not Forgotten

We took a ride last week and found ourselves searching for a restaurant we used to love, The Coventry Forge Inn. After much twisting and turning, we finally found the road and the old building tucked back in a corner of Coventryville. It was a sorry sight. Old, abandoned, gutted, given over to the elements from the look of things. It was a gracious, warm, inviting place in its day. The food was delicious; I still remember one meal I had there as the best dinner of my life. Well, maybe I've forgotten a few good ones, but this was spectacular. Bill said, "want to open a bed and breakfast?" I said, "sure." And then I got scared he might really mean it. Maybe we'd better sit down and think about it.

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Anonymous said...

I was very glad to read your comment about the Coventry Forge Inn - not glad it had closed but glad I had ascertained its closing. My wife and I were there shortly after we married - and we ate there again for our 25th wedding anniversary - and I was thinking of going there next week for a just-the-two-of us celebration of our 50th. Sad. We too had wonderful meals there. Coventry Forge and Julia Child - two of just a few cutting edges of the spread of French cooking to the USA.