Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lunch Break

After traipsing around the Flower Show all morning, Madeline and I are ready for a decent lunch break. We always head across the street to the Reading Terminal Market (with the rest of the world). We ate this year at the Down Home Diner. Usually we eat at Pearl's Oyster Bar because we both love fried oysters, but opted for the diner this year. We got a nice booth tucked in the back and were able to sit and relax and regroup for a while. After lunch the allure of the market is too great to leave right away. There seem to be many new stands and businesses and the whole place looked really good this year. We always say we should just take a day and come here and walk around sometime. Here are a few shots to tempt you.

Termini Brothers Bakery.
Mueller's Chocolates. I liked the chocolate Liberty Bells; but, believe me, they have chocolate everything. The chocolate mice and rats must be particularly popular; they have a lot of them. Give them a big hand.

I was quite taken with these little piggies for some reason.

I'll stop with the candy soon, but one more thing. Look at these flowers. They are all made from sugar. Fascinating (to me, at least). I don't want to eat them. I just like to look.

Next year we are thinking about trying this creperie. It may be new; neither of us remembered seeing it before.

So, we drag ourselves out of there, even though there is so much more to look at, but the afternoon is ticking by and we haven't seen nearly enough of the Flower Show. We really must go back to the market some day and just do it on its own. So much to look at.

Lots of people buy flowers from this stand in the market.



That chocolate hand is too much! And the piggies. I got such a kick out of those. What a fun post! -Julia :-)

Amy said...

I love all your pictures. I have to look on flickr to see if you put any there????