Monday, March 10, 2008

You Heard It Here First

I know everybody's reading tastes are different, but unless you live in a cave or a tent and want to stay there forever, I am telling you, you will love this book. I think it's going to be a bestseller like Marley and Me because it is so darn entertaining and packed with interesting and valuable insights. It even tells us why we like to watch those home improvement and decorating shows on HGTV so much. Dan McGinn is a journalist who writes for Newsweek and he has a charming, funny writing style that just pulls you in and doesn't let go. I carried this book around with me until I finished it because I was so taken with it. Go here to read an excerpt. I think you will get hooked as much as I did. On a similar note, I saw that one of my favorite design blogs has read it too. See what Julia has to say about it here. Look under Book Reviews in the right hand column and scroll down to see all the posts about it. I am deliberately not giving you the direct link so you will poke around her blog a bit. It's a wonderful read.



Well, aren't you nice? Thanks for the shout-out about my site. I appreciate it!

I loved HOUSE LUST. It was so much fun to read. In fact, it was my inspiration for starting "Hooked on Houses."

I'm glad I found your site. I've Bookmarked you and will be back. Thanks, Meredith! -Julia

Cote de Texas said...

I want to read this! Thanks! and thank you for your comment on my blog - I really appreciate it!

Cute blog!

Daniel McGinn said...

Thanks so much for your kind and enthusiastic review of my book HOUSE LUST. I really appreciate you reading and blogging about it. All the best, Dan