Friday, February 13, 2009

Love Notes

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This post requires a little backstory. When Bill and I finally decided our kids were responsible old enough to stay home alone for a few days, I used to write out long lists of instructions, chores and duties in the hope that one or another of them might happen to glance at it and at least feed the animals or lock the doors at night. I know now it was probably foolish of me, but I did it anyway for my own peace of mind in the hope they could survive a weekend without us. These lists had to be written on a yellow legal pad in red ink. I don't remember why, but they did--nothing else was acceptable. They would tell me to rewrite it if I happened to use a white pad or black ink instead. I'd try to make them as amusing as I could, and I spent a lot of time composing them. They are all lost to the trash by now.

But the other day I was rooting around in the desk for something and I came across one I wrote to Bill when Amy and I went to Cleveland for an art excursion (old habits die hard). I am posting it here even though it is not quite up to the caliber of the ones I wrote to the kids. I thought they might get a kick out of seeing it anyway and recalling their mom's old "love notes".

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Amy said...

Oh how I loved these! Those notes were the best. I wish you have saved them all. Chris and I did our own versions when we would dog sit for each other long ago. You're right, old habits do die hard.
The part that really made me laugh was when you told him to turn the lights on and night and off in the morning. Just a half hour ago I went to get something in the garage and Marc had left all lights on. I thought, "Who doesn't know when to switch the lights?" I guess men in general dont'. :)

My escramble word is imarys :)