Thursday, February 19, 2009

"I Wish. . ."

How can you not love this show? We started watching a little late so we could spin the commercials and then the tape ran fast and skipped some show and I cried out, “stop, stop, go back,” and Bill said (drily), “don’t worry; I won’t let you miss one exciting moment.” And as soon as it was over, I wanted to watch it all over again (I didn’t).

Last night was terrific. I loved that it mirrored the pilot and opened with Jack’s one eye, but I knew pretty quickly it wasn’t going back to the beginning because he didn’t have that big gash in his back that Kate had to sew up. And how about that little bit of Locke’s note that he dropped when he heard Hurley yelling. . .”I wish. . .” That’ll turn up again. And Hurley using Charlie’s guitar case for a raft; did Charlie give it to him before he left, and I can’t wait to find out why Hurley decided to get on the plane (I suspect Charlie did it)? Oh, so many delicious questions.

What the heck happened to Ben? He was really beat up. He called Jack from a marina after he was hurt. Did Sayid finally lose it, and that’s why he seems to be escorted by an Ana-Lucia look-alike (Sayid in handcuffs this time instead of Kate)? Or did he go for Penny, and Desmond took care of him. (Penny better be all right, is all I can say). And who’s that guy on the plane who sympathized with Jack in the airport? He showed up a lot; he’ll be back. Wasn’t it so Hurley to buy up all the extra seats he could so that people wouldn’t get hurt. “They can take the next plane.” And, oh, by the way, where’s Aaron? Oh, I forgot, we're not allowed to ask that question.

I loved Desmond’s reaction to Mrs. Farraday’s calm, well-reasoned argument about the 06 returning to the island. “You listen to me, brother. . .these people are just using us; they’re playing some kind of game and we’re just the pieces.” And finally Jack is becoming a man of faith, “this is ridiculous!” But he gets on that plane just the same. “That’s why it’s called a leap of faith, Jack.” Lots of religious imagery in the scenes with Mrs. Farraday, all sorts of Mary statues, icons, paintings and the Doubting Thomas story. Is Locke Jesus and Jack Thomas?

What was up with Jack’s father’s shoes and the scene with his grandfather in the nursing home? A magic show, a white rabbit, grandad wants to get away where they won’t find him? I thought Jack was going to pack him on the plane. At least we know why Christian was wearing white sneakers with his suit. Jack couldn’t be bothered getting him shoes in Sidney.

Locke sure doesn’t look dead, not at all pasty white and embalmed. And wasn’t it great how the note returns from the dead to Jack on the plane?

How about good old Frank showing up as the pilot. “We’re not going to Guam, are we?” Hah, Frank! He looked just dandy. . .for the moment.

On the plane everybody’s into smart remarks. Jack asks Kate how they all ended up there and she says “because they bought a ticket.” Jack asks Ben how he can read (Ulysses, by the way--probably the greatest book in the English language), and Ben says, “my mother taught me.” Everybody’s a comedian on this flight.

To cap off the whole terrific episode, we have Jin in a new Dharma jumpsuit in the VW bus holding a rifle on the folks, but then recognizing them and then giving that little hint of a smile. Lord, I love this show. "I wish" I didn't have to wait a whole week for the next episode.


Sue Jacquette said...

Oh Meredith, my soul sister. You speak Lost, too! Yes, Ben says, "my mother taught me," but his mother died in childbirth... hmmm... And where is Aaron? Didn't that psychic tell Claire the baby would need her protection and no one else should raise it?

Meredith said...

Oh, Sue, you're right! I forgot Ben's mother died too early to teach him. Another thing, didn't Sayid say "my condolences" to Jack in the Sidney airport just like the new guy said it in LA? Yes, the mystery of Aaron grows. Kate's upset, but not hysterical like you would imagine her to be.