Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good Boy! Now Sit!

Poor Arlen Specter is apparently in the doghouse with his Republican colleagues because he voted for the stimulus package along with two other Republican senators (Olympia Snowe [isn’t that the greatest name?]) and Susan Collins of Maine (“Maine!” is there some theme going on here?). Those three votes allowed the package to pass right under the noses of the Republican portion of the Senate and now they are growling and snarling at him.

All I can say is “Good for you, Arlen,” you did the right thing and now I am at your service. Want me to campaign for you next election? I will (unless there’s a good democrat I can trust who is running) and I’ll remind everybody what a smart guy you are and how you put your country before your party, which is not something a lot of Republican senators apparently know how to do. Senator Specter knew his vote wasn’t going to win him any points with his party, but he said “I believe that my duty is to follow my conscience and vote what I think is in the best interests of the country. And the political risks will have to abide." That and Meredith told me to vote “Yes.” Now I have to write back and praise him. Good Boy!


Sue Jacquette said...

I loved Arlen Specter's comment, upon hearing about Sarah Palin as VP pick, that Tom Ridge would have been a much better choice, but unfortunately the abortion issue has become a litmus test for the Republican party. Amen.

Amy said...

I like the dog house. I like the new header and I like that you and Sue are such smarties.
Good boy Arlen. Lie down!