Saturday, November 3, 2007

Williamsburg--Not Busch Gardens

The Governor's Palace
I guess by now you see I am working backwards here. Oh well, I didn't have much time to post or a reliable WIFI connection, so this will have to do. Wednesday was our Williamsburg day. Half day, actually. We spent the morning at the river plantations, and reserved the afternoon for a walk around the restored area of Williamsburg. We just walked; we didn't buy the big ticket and go in anyplace. We've been in many of the buildings before and it was a beautiful afternoon, so we opted to just stroll and take in the sights. Here are a few photos.
Somebody else's palace

A carriage ride

Williamsburg has grown tremendously since we were last here. It was a little alarming to tell the truth. The restored area is much the same, of course, but the outlying areas are gigantitic compared to what we remember. The area's primary mission was education, but now there are so many attractions designed to take attention away from that, that it's a bit sad. This guy looks pretty tired of it all, doesn't he? He just looks like he's thinking, "Man, I wish this day was over." Most of the character people looked that way.

They even have Colonial kiosks selling colonial goods. I don't remember that from before.

Here's Chowning's Tavern where we ate on our honeymoon. It was charming then. Now it's a kind of snack bar with tables in the back and rope waiting lines like at an amusement park. Takes the edge off the charm--for me at least. I don't think we'll go back. It's just too different.

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