Saturday, November 3, 2007

It Hasn't Changed Much

It was a little scary going back to Big Meadows after such a long time. We were really afraid it might have changed, and we liked it so much the way we remember it. So I'm happy to report that it hasn't changed much at all. It looks just the same from the outside and the beautiful dining hall may have new window treatments and fancier tableclothes and napkins, but they still had the turkey dinner on the menu and, for the most part, it was perfect.

A couple of improvements are tvs in the rooms and pillowtop mattresses, which kind of suprised me. But, boy, was it ever cold up on that mountain! We wore light jackets and sweatshirts and I had mittens, but most people were bundled up in winter coats. I was cold all night. Here is where you wanted to be.

The next morning we ate breakfast and lit out for home. It was no day to be hiking around in the mountains. Not for us, at least.

But it was very beautiful up there and fun to revisit.

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