Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pool Project Update

When we last we visited our intrepid pool builders, they were in the middle of renovating their pool and yard. I expressed much doubt that it would be completed in a few weeks as they had been told, but I have to eat some crow now. Yesterday, a mere 6 weeks since we last saw it, we arrived to find a beautifully completed project. The pool is up and running, despite frigid temperatures, and the water features and lighting are installed and operational. All the rubble is gone, the pavers are laid, landscaping done, and sod applied to the yard, and the black pool surface looks wonderful. It looks beautiful even in air so cold, no one wanted to look at it in person for very long. More gazing was done from inside the house looking out.

New sod, trees, and flower beds.

Some very interesting water features going on.

And the dear little shed, all power-washed and waiting for some tender, loving care come spring.
I can clearly see new paint and flower boxes and maybe a small arbor.

The night lighting is really spectacular, but my pictures didn't turn out, due to the fact that my camera does not like low lighting.

This is blurry and does not do justice to how lovely the lighting is. It will be like heaven sitting out there on warm summer nights.
P.S. to Chris: I removed the censorship setting so now you can comment freely.


Amy said...

First of all the house looks awesome. The pool is amazing. I was disappointed Chris didn't take a little swim to show us how that would be. Oh well, next time. The lights out of those fountains were awesome.

And thank you Chris for mentioning it about the censored comments. Mom must have thought you were going to say something dangerous, illegal or inappropriate (like pledging.)

Meredith said...

Amy, it was "illegal, immoral, or dangerous." That's what I was worried about.

(Tell that story sometime, you little smarty.)

Amy said...

Of course, I knew I had it a little off. I think I will tell that story sometime. It's a good one!

Brother Chris said...

Thanks for the nice pictures and comments on the pool, we're very happy how it came out, and it will be a good lesson in patience waiting for May for the Grand Re-Opening.

I had fun having the team over for the visit on Saturday but am still a little frosted that Cha-Cha wasn't on the scene. Next visit he'll be the first one going swimming - whether he's wearing his swimming gear or not:)

Meredith said...

Chris, I made Chase read this yesterday, just so he knows what he is in for.