Thursday, November 13, 2008

Do You Know This Woman?

If you don't, you're missing a good thing. I just discovered her during the campaign and have since been watching her whenever I can. Her name is Rachel Maddow and she is a political analyist with a nightly show on MSNBC. That's channel 54 around here. She has a disarming freshness about her and I don't mean the nastiness you hear from many of the political commentators currently on TV. She can be a little snarky, but I like that, and I can be fussy about my commentators. The main thing I like about her is that her intelligence just shines through and she talks about politics in ways everyone can understand. She also has several guests on every night, someone to "talk her down" when she gets upset about one unbelieveably inane story after another, and others to clarify or justify some current issue.
Last night she talked with Senator Evan Bayh about Senator Joe Lieberman's conduct during the campaign when he actively campaigned against Obama and for McCain after promising to simply campaign for his old friend McCain and not against Obama (he didn't do that). Oh, the important thing here is that Lieberman's supposed to be a Democrat. Rachel wanted to know why he wouldn't be punished for betraying his party by losing his chairmanship of the Homeland Security Committee. Senator Bayh gave his argument about why Lieberman should be allowed to keep his chair, but he's definitely no Alan Shore. It turns out to be quite a pickle for the Democrats here, because they're afraid if they boot him from the committee, he will vindictively vote with the Republican caucus on crucial issues. So, essentially, he is blackmailing the senate Democrats into allowing him to keep his position on the committee or he will vote against them. . . .which. . .he might do anyway. It reminds me of Survivor when they show a snake slithering through the camp.
Her show is on at 9:00 PM and repeats at 11:00. Tune in and give her a try.


Sue Jacquette said...

I love her show, too. Like you I found her during the elections and I'll tell you, I wish I was her, she's so cool. (By the way, I love the Boston Legal reference.) And don't get me started on Joe Lieberman... your snake comparison is pretty dead on. Or maybe a rat?

Meredith said...

Sue, I'm also struck by how many of the people she interviews say at the end, "it's been an honor." I think she should run for office.

ginny said...

Rachel Maddow is the best. The reason you just found her is because she just got her own show after the primaries. She was a onstant commentator on Keith Olberman before that. She is also a Rhodes scholor, hence the intelligent comments. We try not to miss her show.