Thursday, September 11, 2008


I've been dreading this week.

Our hemlock in the back of the house had to come down.

I resisted it with all my being, but I did not prevail. It was too close to the house and swaying into the gutter and roofline with just about every breeze.

We consulted with several arborists to see if it could be cabled or pulled away from the roof somehow, but they all said no. Let me tell you I loved that tree. It provided wonderful afternoon shade to the little deck where we always sit and gave me a handy place to feed my critters even when the weather's bad, not to mention it was always a pleasure to sit and watch the birds and squirrels run and play in its branches. But it had to go.

So the crew arrived bright and early and proceded to cut down my tree.
They reminded me of evil gremlins who climbed out the chimney to steal my tree.

I watched as they hacked off limb after limb and then ground them up horribly in their big woodchipper. Oh, it was painful. Slowly, the climber man inched his way up, up to the sky until he reached the very top and then--No!--it was all gone.

Now it feels naked out there and way too hot and sunny in the afternoon.

It didn't take the critters long to adapt though.

Goodbye old friend. Thanks for the memories.

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