Monday, September 22, 2008


Since we couldn't find a President's house in Manchester, we had to settle for the son of a President's house instead. We went to Hildene, the summer home of Robert Todd Lincoln, the eldest son of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln. It is a gracious, liveable house with beautiful proportions. Interestingly enough, they allowed photography inside the house unlike most historical sites, so I have some pictures below.

This is the formal dining room;

I loved the wallpaper mural on the wall

and the beautiful silver service on the buffet.

The central staircase was exceptionally lovely.

The ballisters are arranged in sets of four; each one of the four is a different design.

Another nice thing about this house was the light. Many of the historical houses we've been to are so dark. Blinds are down, drapes are closed, or there is some kind of light-reduction film on the windows to preserve the furniture and carpeting. It sometimes makes for a somewhat dreary tour. This house was light and bright; windows and doors open and sunlight flooding in.

In this bedroom upstairs everything was pink and flowery. The long windows looked out onto the rose garden which must have been a delightful view. Unfortunately for us, they had a large tent erected for a wedding that was going to be held there, so we were deprived of that particular vision, but it was easy to imagine how wonderful it would have been to wake up in that room and gaze out at the gardens.

This shot is looking back towards the house. See how the second floor windows are obscured by the tent. Lucky bride though, to have her wedding at such a beautiful spot.

This little saying was hanging over the headboard. It says:
My Wish For Thee

May every good and perfect gift
That cometh from above
Be thine from Him who varies not
The God of light and love.

A fitting sentiment for a light and lovely room.
The Schumacher wallpaper and fabric is a faithful reproduction of the original and was donated by Schumacher when the room was redone several years ago.

The gardens and views were spectacular.

I could spend my summer vacation here.

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