Monday, September 22, 2008

Four Days In The Country

We spent last week in Manchester, Vermont. Foggy mornings, chilly nights, crispy days. Not quite leaf peeper time yet, but lovely just the same. One morning we took a ride to the top of Equinox Mountain, a trip I could probably have done without. There were several hairpin turns on the way up, but the ride down was so steep that Bill had to keep the brakes on practically the whole time. We even stopped half way down to let them cool off. Pretty, though.

Somewhere along the way we stopped to look at an old marble quarry. The Manchester area has a lot of marble. Probably if you went out in your backyard and started digging, you would find marble. Many of the sidewalks here are made of marble, they just have so much of it. This quarry in Dorset dates from 1785 and calls itself the oldest quarry in the U.S. It has been abandoned for over 100 years, but it is a little eerie and interesting to photograph. I like the way the old cut blocks of marble reflect in the pool.
The signs of fall are all over and my favorite holiday decorations are out. The Equinox Garden Center had a great display. Very creative.

Pretty fall color wherever you look.

More to come from Vermont.

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Amy said...

I was wondering where you guys were! It looks like you had fun. I love the pictures.