Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nice Duds

This is a line-up of kindergarteners on their first day of school in the Pottstown School District. Notice anything particular about them? They look pretty cute, don't they? That might be because they are wearing their uniforms. Pottstown has decreed that all K-8 students must wear uniforms to school. This is the first year they are instituting this policy. The uniforms are pretty flexible. Khaki or blue shorts, pants, or skirts and blue or white shirts or tops. No flipflops or jellies. No restrictions on where you buy these clothes. You can go to K-Mart or Nordstroms. In fact, the district is even arranging some funds to subsidize parents on a tight budget.
The rationale behind this move is to lessen the amount of teasing and peer pressure that kids, presumably without designer labels on their clothes or the latest hot fashion item, go through. I can also see it as a benefit for parents whose kids have a tough time choosing what to wear each day. It seems to me it takes the emphasis off clothes and allows the kids to get on with the business of getting to school.
Some parents are objecting because they say it stifles creativity. I have seen some of the creative choices walking around the streets and I would counter that maybe it will promote better taste and open up other avenues for personal creativity.

Next year they are extending it to the high school students. Good luck with that.


Brother Chris said...

I think the little dears look terrific and I'd suggest the parents complaining about the creativity issue are probably the same ones blathering on about what a little genius young Seymour is while he is simultaneously urinating in the houseplants and munching on a handful of the dog's kibble.

It's not done to be vulgar but could these people get a life?

Brother Chris said...

BTW - what's the story on censoring my comments?