Sunday, August 17, 2008

Marsh Creek Grand Prix

Here's Chase on Friday night at his race track. He races cars that speed around the oval and he usually comes in first. This is a good thing because he likes to be at the head of the pack. When he's not racing, he's running around playing with the other kids who do much giggling and jostling.

Here's Saige in a pensive mood. It didn't last long.

Here's Chase's cute friend, Ethan (I hope this is Ethan). What a great smile.

Finally, a last one of Saige and her buddies. It was starting to get dark and my camera doesn't like the dark.

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Amy said...

I love these pictures. Can you send them to me? I hope you guys had fun. You are braver than me. It means a lot to Marc that you go, Thank you.