Sunday, July 27, 2008

More To Do

The Biltmore Estate is quite large. Thousands of acres of landscaping, winding paths and trails, ponds, lakes, waterfalls, woods, and even the French Broad River wind through it. It is 3 miles from the entrance to the house. When you're finished with the house and gardens, there is more to do. Above is the winery where they show you a little film and give you an even littler tour of some barrels and vats and then guide you toward the wine shop

Inside, there's a nice wine-tasting area where you are offered 8 free tastings of the wine that is made from the estate vineyards. Then you are encouraged to buy. We did. We bought a bottle of Merlot "pleasantly dry and deliciously fruity," a bottle of Syrah "robust plum flavors sparked by pepper and spice. . ." and a bottle of Sangiovese "rich fruit flavors with hints of oak, berries and chocolate." Yum.

Next they have a farm area that is nice for kids. But it was hot and we're not kids anymore.

Along the way, we passed the Deerpark Restaurant where we would have eaten, but it was too early.
They have another more casual eating spot called "The Bistro," but we decided to head back to town and explore Asheville a bit.

On the way out, we took a spin by the Biltmore Inn where you can stay in style if you have lots of bucks.

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