Monday, October 8, 2007

A Few Hours At Longwood

We spent a few hours at Longwood Gardens on Friday afternoon. We got in free with our tickets for the Chester County Day preview show. What a deal! That place is truly a national treasure. With the warm, dry weather we've been having, everything was blooming like mad. The leaves haven't really turned yet, and when they do, I want to go back, but the October display is incredible as it is. See this water lily? Click on it to see the larger size. Notice the water itself. They actually put a black dye into the water to add nutrients and keep down the algae growth. It has the added benefit of making the plants look spectacular. I put some more photos on my flickr page if you want to look


Brother Chris said...

This is my new desktop background- wow, what a shot! You've inspired me to plan a trip out to Longwood Gardens.

Meredith said...

Well, set a date and I'll get tickets.