Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Sense of Place

I have been walking around Malvern for the past 3 days taking pictures of anything and everything interesting I could find for this week's photography assignment. It's been a wonderful experience because it forced me to take a close look at things I pass by every day without really seeing. It's certainly made me appreciate the uniqueness of my Small Town, USA. I'll be posting a few pictures in the next several days of things that stood out to me so you can enjoy them too.

This the the Malvern National Bank which dates from April 1, 1887, the day this building opened for business. It stands on the southwest corner of King Street and Warren Ave. But, wait! Look up. What's that on the roof? Zoom in here.

What a lovely weathervane. I would never have seen that in a hundred years without this project.

I think it's nice, too, that they provide pretty seats out front. I guess you can sit there and wait if your money's not quite ready. Notice, though, they are chained to the railing. Banks can't be too careful these days.

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