Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Terrible Beauty Was Born

Photo from the
Wave rolling up on the shores of the Gulf

You could hardly believe it; it was truly cringe-worthy. Uriah Heep at his best. Just a few minutes into the congressional grilling of BP CEO Tony Hayward, this bozo makes a statement apologizing to BP for the government "shake-down" they were subjected to yesterday by President Obama's demand for the $20B fund to help restore the people and the environment after the Gulf oil spill. Joe Barton (R.Texas-does that tell you anything?) wanted it on the record that he felt sorry for BP and was ashamed that his country would stoop to shaking them down for the money. They should pay, sure, but only after all due processes of law had been completed. Never mind the people who need this money now. Now I'm thinking of Bleak House. Good idea, Joe, let's just let these cases grind through the courts for generations. As a side note, not that it's probably very important, Joe Barton has collected $1,447,880 from political action committees and individuals connected with the oil and gas industry since 1989 (according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics).

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