Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just Browsing

This may sound strange, but I like to browse in liquor stores. I like to look at all the interesting displays and the beautiful wine labels and pretty bottles. This week I was captivated by the vodka section. There are some really wonderful looking bottle shapes and design work on vodka bottles. And there are so many different kinds of vodka, you wouldn't believe it. Well, you might, but I was surprised.

Take that Pravda Vodka, for example. Who would have thought it has been around since 1743 (this is the first time I've ever noticed it) and is made in the Carpathian Mountains of Southern Poland with "simply the finest ingredients in the world--the purest spring water, the sweetest, most natural, untreated late-harvest rye." This just shows how dumb I am. I didn't know vodka was made from rye. I always thought it was made from potatoes.

Lest you think this is starting to sound like an ad for Pravda, let me assure you it is not. I am merely appreciating the stunning art on display in the vodka section. I never drink the stuff myself. I could never part with that bejeweled bottle.


Amy said...

That is a pretty bottle but it would make a pretty vase too. So you wouldn't have to part with it ever.

ginny said...

Hmmm. before I read your words, I thought it was a hair product display! Not being much of an imbiber, I always buy wine by the pretty labels.