Saturday, March 7, 2009

Signs Of Spring

Here is the grand entrance to The Philadelphia Flower Show with fountains, columns, statuary, pools all in great abundance.
Wednesday was "Flower Show" day, sunny, cold, and so crowded probably due to Monday's snowstorm. Madeline and I persevered as we do each year, ducking around people, trying to get up close for a decent photo, and generally battling the surge of people around each of the large exhibits. The theme this year was Bella Italia and endeavored to highlight garden spots in different areas of Italy--Tuscany (of course), Rome, the Lake district, Venice, and Milan. Maybe I've missed something, but these were the standouts.

A charmingly realistic villa.

My absolute favorite exhibit was created by the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) who do something quite avant-garde every year. I think they outdid themselves this year with their large exhibit of gowns, purses, shoes, perfume bottles and hats, all made of plant material. Their theme was Alta Moda Floreale, Milan and its fashion district. It was just fabulous. It took a long time to look at everything and people were moving so slowly to take it all in. We spoke with one of the designers who told us about 30 different people were responsible for their Best in Show trophy and other awards. Well deserved.

Here are a few of the stunning gowns they displayed (although that twig one was almost painful to behold). They were so visually gorgeous and creative.

Detail of twig skirt. Fortunately, they didn't use live models.

And the shoes. . .

Not only were the objects amazing, but the displays were so unique and compelling. See the shoes mounted on the overturned goblets with moss underfoot. Loved it.
Purses, hats, and perfume bottles too. What great imagination.

And last, but not least, my annual candy picture from The Reading Terminal Market. Why didn't I buy those lambs? All I could think to do was take pictures of them.

The rest of my photos are up in a slide show over on the right.

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