Friday, January 30, 2009

Give This Guy A Piece of Your Mind. He Needs It.

To Arlen Specter (U.S. Sen R-Pa)
RE: Stimulus Package

"I am extremely disappointed in all the Republican senators, and you in particular, during this time of national emergency. I would strongly urge you to think about the plight of this country and forget petty partisan politics that get neither you nor us anywhere. I can assure you that, as a registered Republican in the state of Pennsylvania, you will not get my vote in the next election unless you seriously reconsider your intransigent position on voting against a package that will help restore this country's economy after years of damage done by the Bush Administration.

Either do what is right for the United States now or get out of office. The Republican insistence on tax cuts that will not help our nation right now is shameful. Support the President and do what is right for our country."

Write to him here. Don't let these guys get away with this nonsense.

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