Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm Warning You

I mean it. Whatever you do, do not run out to your nearest Trader Joe's and buy these cookies . . . Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermit Joe Joe's. Just because they are the biggest mouthful of deliciousity you've ever tasted is no reason to speed to the store and stock up on them because they are only available during this time of year and once they're gone, they're gone. Good! You will have missed them and be better off for it. Forget Williams & Sonoma's overpriced holiday candies and cookies. These are just $3.99 a box. If, for some bizarre reason, you ignore my advice and just happen to wander into Trader Joe's anyway, don't buy this either.

You can thank me later.


Amy said...

Thank you Mommy.

Sue Jacquette said...


Brother Chris said...

Try the TJ's toffee with almond AND pistachio crumbs on top - each bite is a little slice of heaven, found here on earth.

Thanks for the diet tips.